Happy New Year

Finally I have managed to find some time to play around with my old website.

Many years ago I bought the domain name and I wrote a website in Flash, which was pre-Facebook and most social media. I used it as a place to store holiday photographs and as a bit of a diary I guess. For some this was bizarrely self indulgent and for others, it was a good place to keep up to speed with what I had been up to, particularly those who lived a distance away and I rarely managed to see.

Anyhow, many years later I still have the domain name and things have moved on a little bit, so, with a view to keeping my hand in as far as technology goes and making sure I am not one of those middle aged dinosaurs, here it is - 2015 and my website up and running again.

For anyone reading this, I hope 2015 is a roaring and happy success for you !